Dear morons

Dear Morons,

From time to time I get messages asking if I am still using this journal, and if not can they have my user name. I wish to clear this up so people will stop spamming me. I am NOT using this journal and NO you may NOT have my user name. I have had this account for over seven years and have no intention of getting rid of it. I will gladly sell this account for $1,000.00. But until I have money in my hand I am taking my ball and going home; suck it.


Performancing Spell check

I love Performancing, but why isn't spell check turned on by default. Are they trying to improve a generation of youth who have been made stupid and lazy by computers. Who can't do math without a calculator and can't spell without spell check. Well I am one of those stupid lazy individuals, although I am in the gap where I can actually see my spelling and math skills wither as I rely more and more on the computer. Wide use of the computer didn't happen to me until junior high with my performa 400 mac. Anyways to enable spell check in firefox 2 type about:config and find performancing.extra.doSpellCheck and set it to true. Now you will have spell check enabled.

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Dear machete manufactures

Dear machete manufactures,

I recently purchased one of your machetes to wack down the tall weeds in my side yard. I pulled the blade out to inspect it in the store to see a bead of plastic protecting the edge. Great I thought nice and sharp. I purchased it and when I got home and unwrapped it I found not a machete but a kit to make a machete. The edge was duller than most screw drivers. Why do you sell non sharpened machetes? Are you afraid of someone going on a rampage and getting sued? I don't own any shaping utensils so now I have to go back to lowes and buy them. The very least you could have done is put in big letters NOT SHARP NOT SHARP NOT SHARP GO TO ISSLE 3 AND GET A SHARPENING STONE WE CAN'T SHARPEN IT BEACUSE WE MIGHT GET SUED!!!


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Twenty Good Years

We started to watch the new show 20 Good Years and got about 1 minute into to it and had to change it. What a horriable show, you have two great actors but the writing is terrable. You know that the network knows that it is horriable because they added a laugh track to it. This is the network saying we know that this show sucks but if you think that other people think that it is funny then you will think it is funny.

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Dual monitors

Having worked with a dual head system now for a few months I can't imagine ever going back. My efficency in coding alone has to have gone up at least 20% I can leave a compiler open and trouble shoot or google for code examples on the other monitor. There is way less context switching that needs to be done. Now if I can pillfer another 17 inch lcd to have a three headed beast I would be set. 1 screen for email, 1 screen for code, 1 screen for internet.

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Have I mentioned how much I hate RS-232. Can we please get into the 21st centry and get rid of this old crap. I have 6 serial printers, 2 price check termianls and 4 modems all for 1 location. To make it way funner to trouble shoot 8 of the devices are using a digi port emulator since the server is located in another location. You know they make tcp/ip printers and pct now. Why are we doing credit card auth over dial up, ever heard of ISDN?

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